Accidental Entrepreneur: Proof is in the Pudding (Result Orientation For Success)

Ruban Kanapathippillai
4 min readJun 19, 2022

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my 40th weekly article as this week is called “ How to set Goals for Success In Life.”

In this article, I discuss the key factors that contributes to one’s success. All of them or at least one of them have played their crucial role along with your hard work to achieve what you have determined.

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“செயற்கரிய செய்வார் பெரியர் சிறியர்

செயற்கரிய செய்கலா தார்”. — திருக்குறள் (26)

“The great will do those things which are difficult to be done;

but the mean cannot do them”. — Thirukkural (26)

I have heard these exciting phrases in the media and articles about the success along with the end results: Proof is in the Pudding; Success speaks for itself; Work hard in silence, let your Success be your Noise; All these statements have few underlying messages which starts with success by doing hard work and then end with enjoying the fruit of the labor.

Results are measured in many different ways. One who makes it to the top of the hill has many scars on their back and there are so many people who helped them reach the mountain top. Following are few of my points on achieving results:

  • Meeting the Goal: I have written details on achieving goals and steps to the goals. Once the clear goal is established and the necessary steps to achieve the goals, achieving end results become easier. Goals can be customer oriented or personal, but getting something done which is relevant for what you are set out to do. There can be so much noise around life as well as work, but setting the right goals and, with all the hard work/dedication, can help one reap successful results.
  • Team Achievements: To achieve greater results, the main key component is team. It is not just having a team but a team with common purpose and working towards common goals. Building a diverse team with experiences and talent with a clear end goal is the first step to it. Then achieving the results that bring value and customers to the company validates the success of the team effort. I have seen many people in Silicon Valley with great goals and money, but the assembled team that didn’t have a unified goal along with the result orientation to be successful. I take a team above anything to be successful.
  • Personal Accomplishments: Let the result speak for itself. Yes, each member of the team needs to have personal goals and learnings once the project is completed. This helps connect the company goals and results with individual achievements. The ability to articulate one’s contribution to a major project and how the contribution helped achieve the end results provide paths to celebrate one’s contributions as well as growth.
  • Financial Metrics: At the end of the day we all live in a very materialistic world. Mostly, success is measured on the basis of financial success to the company as well as individually. When I mentor people, I ask probing questions about financial metrics of the company, projects and individual person. The reason for this is that without the success of the company and projects, it is very difficult to make success personally. Once a person aligns the individual success with the company success, ultimately the results and purpose would align easily.
  • Impact to the Community: Once the results of a product are aligned with the good of the community and humanity, life becomes very fulfilling. Both of the companies I had been part of founding, we focused on helping connecting people in scale while reducing the energy consumption and cost for individual people. The results of our products and overall changes the technology industry has achieved in the last twenty some years, provides happiness along with fulfillment to our individual journey looking at the companies we had built. During the journey of startups or in this case any career, it’s important to have greater purpose and goals. Once the journey is complete, it’s important to reflect on the results and analyze the results to validate the success of the journey. During my last four articles, I articulated the way to start with the data and use the foundational knowledge to connect the data with the product and then have a clear goal for the product to finally enjoy the fruit of the labor with the results. Having clear end results makes the journey even sweeter and happier at the end. Work harder and let the results speak for itself!



Ruban Kanapathippillai

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