Accidental Entrepreneur: How To Focus On The Real Work?

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my 45th weekly article as this week is called “How To Focus On The Real Work?”

In this article, I discuss some key concepts that can help individuals and teams prioritize the most high leverage activities to ultimately achieve long term success.

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“சொல்லுதல் யார்க்கும் எளிய அரியவாம்

சொல்லிய வண்ணம் செயல்” — திருக்குறள் (664)

“To say (how an act is to be performed) is (indeed) easy

for any one; but far difficult it is to do according to what

has been said.” — Thirukkural (664)

I decided to take a few weeks off from my weekly writings and “focus” on a few other projects as well as take time to reflect. I have written close to one hundred articles and wanted to understand the impact my writings have on others as well as the usefulness of these articles. I received many personal messages and comments asking me what happened to my articles as well as how it has helped them navigate through various situations. Thank you for those wonderful messages and appreciate the support from my circle of friends.

As I decided on the topic for his article, I reflected on many ideas related to execution and completion of projects for success of my entrepreneurial journey. One item kept coming back to my mind was FOCUS. Everyone who works at a startup claims that they are doing so much work and that they are very focused on executing the plan. While both statements “doing so much work” and “focused on executing those tasks” are possibly true statements, are they focused on the right work items is my question.

When smart people start working on things, they want everything to be perfect. In the real world, especially in startups, resources are limited, time is tight, resources are minimal and the opportunity window to prove oneself is very narrow.

Then how do you manage all these conflicting priorities and still produce something which customers would approve and pay money to buy?!

While I don’t have answer to all the problems, here are few learnings from my experiences to deal with this conundrum in life:

I focused this article on how to navigate the world where conflicting priorities are fighting for one’s attention while delivering high quality products solves customer’s real pain points. It comes down to a few key factors for me which are customer knowledge, your core IP, your team and managing the resources according to the “real” priorities. It sounds simple, but difficult to execute. These kinds of critical decision making processes and capabilities are the ones that differentiate successful people and everyone else. It is not that one in ten startup companies succeeds just by luck, rather by understanding the “real” problems and executing with laser focus and resolve/intention to get to the mountain top.



Entrepreneur, Founder of multiple successful startups, Mentor/coach, Angel investor (Sandhill Angels) and Positive thinker

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Ruban Kanapathippillai

Entrepreneur, Founder of multiple successful startups, Mentor/coach, Angel investor (Sandhill Angels) and Positive thinker