Accidental Entrepreneur: Data Driven Decision Making Process for Professional Success

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my 37th weekly article as this week is called “Data Driven Decision Making Process for Professional Success.”

From my observations and personal experiences the folks who proactively plan and leverage data to make decisions are able to create successful results in all areas of life.

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“எண்ணித் துணிக கருமம் துணிந்தபின்

எண்ணுவம் என்பது இழுக்கு”. — திருக்குறள் (467)

“Consider, and then undertake a matter;

after having undertaken it, to say ‘We will

consider,’ is folly.” — Thirukkural (467)

In life, we encounter people who are well thought out and proactively plan every aspect of their life from their professional career choices to life at home. These people seemed to have accomplished a lot in their professional career with minimum stress or confusion in all the tasks they have undertaken. While it may appear that they have everything under control with a clear vision, by looking a bit deeper into the process of their working style would highlight how they manage and navigate through all the various hurdles . Next 3–4 articles, I plan to dive deep into the mindset of these people and explain the process these people follow to accomplish the results. I categorize these as:

I start with data driven decision making as the first fundamental topic since it’s a basic thing everyone can do with the abundance of data available in the current connected world and use that data to drive people to achieve great results.

My last 15+ years of career has been in the Storage market and have seen firsthand the expansion of data which has been accumulated and then processed to make meaningful decisions. While it may be new to many people, even before the latest craze in data, I was fortunate enough to work in industries which used a lot of data. My first semiconductor chip had billion transistors, and created a methodology to sort through those data efficiently and accurately to build successful complex products. Here are a few basic concepts I have used successfully with my small teams to create billion dollar ideas and deliver products:

I have used these simple but detailed processes to analyze the data and make well educated decisions. The problems have changed significantly but the fundamental analysis process has not changed. I learned this from my early years at Rockwell Semiconductor and still continue to apply in my career in Sales. Once you create an intuition for analyzing complex or a lot of data with proper methodology, sky’s the limit for making successful decisions and becoming successful.

Let me know what you think about the data driven decision making and how it helped or hamper your success.



Entrepreneur, Founder of multiple successful startups, Mentor/coach, Angel investor (Sandhill Angels) and Positive thinker

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Ruban Kanapathippillai

Entrepreneur, Founder of multiple successful startups, Mentor/coach, Angel investor (Sandhill Angels) and Positive thinker