Accidental Entrepreneur: Basic Instincts (Building Better Intuition For Success)

  • Follow Your Instinct: All of us need to listen to our internal voice as we are born with some instincts and develop additional things over time. One would see that more than ever that one’s instinct would be right compared to the actions that came after so much delay and discussions.
  • Train Your Instinct: While some decision making is fundamental to each of us, we can train it to make better decisions. We can train ourselves by learning from both successes and failures, followed by developing a process to analyze them to improve our approach based on the results. Training brings out two factors which are improving the analytical ability and response time. Others may say that this person is always making good decisions, but this doesn’t happen accidentally. It is the training over a lifetime which makes it better.
  • Flashes of Ideas: Even with the training, sometimes a person comes up with a brilliant idea, and we wonder how he or she thought of it. Some people get these flashes while sleeping, walking, relaxing and even while taking shower. When these situations arise, make sure to follow up by taking notes and thinking back.
  • Energy Level: One other factor to observe is the energy level. When a person is coming up with a unique or instinctual idea to solve a complex problem, the person’s energy level fluctuates and normally rises to a very high level. For me, this is a sign of something interesting happening and working with the people to follow through the thought process.
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ): To me EQ is another version of an instinct based problem solver. Emotional intelligence is the outcome of internal buildups and knowledge gathering. As our bodies get trained and learned from the surroundings, we train ourselves to make efficient decisions quickly. This process, for other people, appears as the person having “good’ instincts.



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Ruban Kanapathippillai

Ruban Kanapathippillai

Entrepreneur, Founder of multiple successful startups, Mentor/coach, Angel investor (Sandhill Angels) and Positive thinker